Is school funding fair? States may be failing needy students

New report says school funding fairness suffers amid national recession and post-federal stimulus

funding-fair-states The stimulus package that provided funding for states as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) may have done more harm than good, suggests a new report. Instead of continuing to invest in crucial parts of education post-stimulus, many states have sacrificed fair school funding.

During the beginning of the U.S. economy’s recession in 2008, the federal government created a stimulus package to support public schools and prevent major layoffs and cuts in essential programs and services through the ARRA.

However, when the federal ARRA funding was depleted, many states were left with budget shortfalls.

“When the stimulus ended, states faced a crucial test: either restore revenue or allow cuts to education funding and programs,” according to the report. “This [data] shows many of the states failed this test, sacrificing fair school funding after the foreseeable loss of federal stimulus.”

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Meris Stansbury

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