Two handy products to support school iPad use

These two products could make iPad deployments more convenient for schools

Here are two products that could help make iPad rollouts easier for schools.

At the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) conference last week, our editors were on the lookout for innovative, yet practical ed-tech products and services.

Here are two such products that could help make iPad rollouts more convenient for schools.

New ‘app-enabled’ charging stations can notify you when iPads are charged—or removed

At TCEA, Bretford introduced what it calls “the world’s first app-enabled charge and sync products” for iOS devices.

The products enable you to check on the status of iPads remotely using Bretford’s new PowerSync+ mobile app; they’ll alert you when the devices are fully charged, and they’ll even let you know if an iPad is removed after hours or if not all of the devices are returned (for added security).

Designed to store, charge, and sync iPads or iPad minis, Bretford’s new app-enabled products come in three designs:

• The PowerSync Cart 40, which sells for $3,000, can hold up to 40 iPads.

• The PowerSync Cart 20, which sells for $2,400, can hold up to 20 iPads, and it includes totes for storing headphones or other peripheral devices underneath—making it a useful tool for deploying iPads for online testing.

• The PowerSync Station 20, which sells for $2,000, can be mounted on a wall or flat surface. You can stack these units up to three high for additional storage, Bretford says.

All of Bretford’s app-enabled charge and sync products are available directly through Apple when you buy iPad devices.

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Dennis Pierce

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