This is the hottest Common Core project in schools right now

3. Know the eBooks project tools available and the different publishing formats.

Some of the most common eBook formats, said Harvey, are ePub (iPads, Nooks, et cetera), KF8 (iPads) and iBook (iPads).

Resources for educators on the tools available for eBook projects include:

4. Be aware of the district’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

According to Harvey, many students often use photos of themselves or of their friends as part of their eBook project, and many districts require permission from parents if the images will be posted as part of an online community.

“Any time a student’s image is made available online, there has to be some sort of regulation and that usually comes through the AUP,” he explained. “Talk to your administrators, technology directors, or librarians about the policy for student images.”

Check out one example of how students are using eBook projects:

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More details about the project, resources and step-by-step guidance for implementation can be found here.

Meris Stansbury

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