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Smart Toys and Games, Inc. Announces Latest Single-Player IQ-Building Games

IQ Steps, Brain Cheeser, City Maze, and Quadrillion engage young and old in puzzle-solving fun

New York – February 16, 2014 – Smart Toys and Games, Inc. (Toy Fair Booth #227), a leading producer of award-winning single-player logic games and the SmartMax® magnetic construction system, is introducing new games at Toy Fair 2014, including IQ Steps, Brain Cheeser, City Maze, and Quadrillion.
“Our 2014 games offer challenges so compelling that kids and adults get completely engrossed in solving the puzzles,” said Brian Rovner, vice president of sales and marketing at Smart Toys and Games, Inc. “We want players of all ages to enjoy our games while learning something new along the way.”

The latest in the awarding-winning IQ series, IQ Steps challenges players 8 and up to manipulate the eight puzzle pieces into the right layout. The pieces are double-layered, so players have to figure out not only the final placement of the pieces, but also the sequence in which they are placed. Perfectly priced for summer travel and birthdays, the small, portable game board features 120 increasingly difficult challenges. MSRP $9.99

With Brain Cheeser, players ages 6 and up attempt to arrange the 14 magnetic cheese pieces on the folding game board, so that mice peek through the holes in the cheese. Great for travel, Brain Cheeser comes in the form of a booklet that snaps shut to keep pieces secure when not in use. The game’s 48 challenges ranging from easy to difficult allow for hours of play. MSRP $9.99

Players ages 7 and up can test their directional skills while they create routes for different travelers to find their destinations with City Maze. Two booklets offering 120 challenges and double-sided puzzle pieces are included in this fun travel game. MSRP $14.99

With Quadrillion, players can create their own game board by clicking four magnetic grids together in any order. They then must attempt to fit the 12 colorful puzzle pieces on the game board they created. Players ages 7 and up will enjoy the countless challenges and solutions that can be found with Quadrillion. MSRP $19.99

IQ Steps, Brain Cheeser, City Maze, and Quadrillion will be available on,, and quality toy stores everywhere in February of 2014.

Brain-building fun for both children and adults can also be had online at, where Smart Toys and Games has made fourteen of their single-player puzzle games available virtually at levels, including Starter, Junior, Expert, or Master.

About Smart Toys and Games, Inc.
Smart Toys and Games products develop logical thinking and problem solving skills in all ages through fun, challenging play. Each multi-level game from the SmartGames line is designed to move players through carefully-sequenced levels of play from easy to difficult. Fun, durable and compact, SmartGames are perfect for travel. Additional product lines offered by Smart include SmartMax® construction sets that enable children to explore the fascinating world of magnetism in a safe and creative way through making strong building structures and vehicles; Tangoes®, based on the ancient Chinese Tangram puzzle combine artistic and mathematical elements to create a variety of designs; Twisterz Toys®, handheld, battery free toys that support early learning skills such as spelling and reading; and online brain-building fun for both children and adults at For more information about Smart Toys and Games, Inc., including their entire product line for all brands, visit You may also connect on Facebook with SmartGames, SmartMax, and Twisterz.

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