EduTone Single Sign-On Marketplace part of Intel Education is Coming Soon

Alameda, CA – February 25, 2014. EduTone Corporation announced today that Inet Library and Inet Classroom have joined the EduTone Single Sign-On (SSO) Marketplace Part of Intel Education which is an on-demand catalog of cloud-hosted, third party try and buy services for the K-12 education market segment. The Inet Library and Inet Classroom were created by educational professionals and specialists representing all levels of learning, preschool through post-doctorate. The Inet Library and Inet Classroom have been constantly been updated for 23 years and is a proven, comprehensive, support system for students, teachers, parents, and all levels of administrators.

“We are very pleased to include the Inet library and Inet Classroom in the EduTone SSO Marketplace part of Intel Education,” said Terry Smithson, Senior Vice President of EduTone. “We believe the Inet library contains some excellent resources to support teaching and learning around the world,” continued Smithson.“Inet Library and Inet Classroom began with an educator and had over 150 educators help choose, direct and develop content; and development or improvement that continues today,” explained Dr. Dennis Jensen, Founder and Creator of the Inet Library and Inet Classroom. “The development focus has continually been the learning process and creating successes in learning,” said Dr. Jensen.

The EduTone SSO Marketplace part of Intel Education is coming soon and will be accessible through the EduTone SSO Passport which enables distribution partners to offer school customers the ability to immediately provision any best of breed, web-enabled content or software services to their teachers and students from an on-demand catalog.

About EduTone Corporation
EduTone provides cutting edge, cloud-based, device and platform agnostic services specifically designed for today’s K-20 institutions. EduTone Xchange™, its multiple award-winning, fully-integrated, customisable, end-to-end services delivery platform provides educational institutions with secure Single Sign-On, automated role/policy-based provisioning and identity management for all web-enabled applications, content and communities. The Edutone SSO Marketplace part of Intel Education, is a one-stop shop for on-demand marketing and distribution of learning resources including Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Online Courses and downloadable Digital Assets.
EduTone Corporation is a privately held corporation headquartered in Alameda, California.
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About Inet Library and Inet Classroom
The Company was founded in June, 1998 by Dennis Jensen, Ed.D, an educator and school administrator for over 25 years. Dr. Jensen pioneered revolutionary distance education methods, bringing educational content to online devices. In his role at DRJ LLC, Dr. Jensen has combined his love of technology with his passion for education.

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