Sprigeo is on a mission to keep kids safe at schools and in their communities. Our platform gives them the tools they need to report bullying and other safety threats anonymously. Sprigeo’s online system that allows students to report at any time and from any device with an internet connection. The Sprigeo system also includes a free app for smartphones and tablet devices. Now in use by over 1000 schools and community sites across 27 states, the online reporting system has proven itself as a safe way for kids to report bullying, resulting in fewer incidents over time. Sprigeo partnered with Howard County in Maryland to apply this reporting system to a whole community, allowing anyone to report an incident of bullying. In the end of October, Howard County launched a community wide bullying prevention initiative called “Stand Up HoCo.” Howard County Executive Ken Ulman said, “The time has come to stand up to bullying.”
The program consists of: a social marketing and outreach effort, a menu of training and resources available online and through partners, and the online and mobile reporting tool. Sprigeo also offers on line courses for teachers, counselors and school administrators and will be releasing a Parent Tool Kit this Spring.

In addition to an on line reporting system, the Sprigeo website also features the Sprigeo Heroes Project, which recognizes students across the country who are making a difference in their schools and communities. The Heroes Project celebrates people who want to create a world where everyone feels safe to be who they want to be. Recent interviews have included Isabel and Nik from an anti-bullying club in Santa Barbara, CA, Frank, who is doing a senior project on bullying prevention in Las Vegas, Nevada and Morgan, who wrote a song titled “Hey Bully” in Nashville, Tennessee.
You can meet these extraordinary students here on our Heroes Page: http://sprigeo.com/blog/heroes-project/. If you know a hero in your community who we should meet, please contact us at team@sprigeo.com.

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