10 ed-tech resources for school administrators

5. eSchool News

Our publication’s coverage spans across K-12, but did you know that we also have a section dedicated specifically to tech-savvy administrators? Topics include the challenges of rural schools, areas that can improve teaching quality, how K-12 leaders can cope with power shifts, how to turn data into achievement, and much more. Check out our microsite here.

6. Padagogy Wheel

This wheel, created by Allan Carrington, learning designer with the eLearning Development Team at the University of Adelaide in Australia, is less about the iPad than it is about technology integration, encouraging education leaders to focus on redefining current standards and the current role tech plays in the classroom. The wheel depicts Bloom’s Taxonomy as Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy—a must-use for all administrators interested in implementing mobile learning.

7. Parent Portal

Appeasing parents and allowing them to interact with their student’s schedules, homework and assessments is crucial for any 21st century administrator who’s looking to bridge school and community. If you don’t have one already, parent portals allows not only parents, but administrators who want a quick snapshot of a student’s progress, to view schedules, teacher contacts, end-of-term grades, state assessment results from previous years, and more. More resources on creating parent portals can be found here.

8. Skype

Make internet calls for free and cheap online calls to phones and mobiles with Skype—a great way to hold a meeting with work colleagues. You can use Skype on whatever works best for you—on your phone or computer or a TV with Skype on it. It is free to start using Skype, but if you pay a little more, you can call phones, access WiFi or send texts. You can pay as you go or buy a subscription, whatever works for you.

9. Tablet or iPad

Now is the time to buy a tablet or an iPad, thanks to upgraded operating systems and better design functionality. Tablets can connect wirelessly, enable on-the-go eMail and app access, and more.

10. Twitter

Twitter has come a long way for educators, and now include many hashtags specific not just to education, but to administrators as well. By joining Twitter, you’ll be able to follow groups such as #edchat, #cpchat (connected principals), #edadmin (school administrators), #edtech, #commoncore and many other groups. By following specific groups, you’ll be able to keep in touch with colleagues, meet and share ideas with other administrators, and find new ideas and solutions for your workday challenges.

Meris Stansbury

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