March 3, 2014 – In an effort to simplify how customers interact with the content on its website, Pitsco Education has created a new Community page, giving visitors quick access to the company’s social networks, blogs, publications, teacher tips, and company feedback page. The Community page can be accessed either from a tab on the site or by going to directly.

On the Community page, visitors might notice a few other changes as well. All of Pitsco’s social network sites, for example, can be accessed with one click, which takes them to a page showing the latest streams from each network. Viewers can then access each individual full network if they so choose.

And the networks themselves have been the subject of increased attention. “Pitsco Education started focusing resources on social networks in July of 2013,” said Pitsco’s Online Marketing Coordinator Melissa Karsten. “We had a presence before then but fine-tuned the look and feel and increased our effort on the number and consistency of posts to keep viewers aware and interested.”

This new focus included adding Pinterest and Google+ to Pitsco’s social network repertoire, providing promotions for social network users to participate in, and increasing the amount and variety of content on the existing platforms. Pitsco can now be found on six major social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

The company’s blogs also have a designated link and a new streamlined look, making them much easier to navigate. With one click, customers can read the most recent posts from Pitsco’s blogs: Education Highlights, which incorporates three previous blogs – The Cause, In The News, and Product Spotlight – into one main blog encompassing many different aspects of Pitsco and education in general; In the Classroom, containing articles, tips, and product reviews from Pitsco’s TAG (Teacher Advisory Group) educators; and Homeschool News, which includes a variety of helpful information for homeschoolers.

Viewers can also access Teacher Tips and Pitsco’s Publications – The Pitsco Network, Leaders in Education, SySTEM Alert!, and Rising Stars on the Community page. And like the other links from the Community page, these also take you to clean, easy-to-read pages.

For those with questions or feedback, the new page has a Suggestions link as well, linking to a quick form that provides an easy way for visitors to make suggestions and/or ask questions.

Karsten envisions a much-improved customer experience with the new Community links: “We are using new tools to make accessing our content easy and centralized. We’re excited to go live with this new Community page.”

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Pitsco Education is the leading provider of age-appropriate, student-centered K-12 STEM learning solutions. Our standards-based curriculum, products, equipment, and materials promote student success through positive and challenging learning experiences, and our hands-on solutions teach core concepts and career skills in science, technology, engineering, and math.

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