STEAM tips and resources you can use right now

ArtsEdge, from the Kennedy Center, offers resources for educators to integrate arts into their classroom instruction. The site features lessons, activities, and projects, along with multimedia such as games, audio and video clips, printables, and graphics.

Themes that help students connect arts to other education topics include acoustics and sound; earth, wind, and water; the Civil War; and plants and seasons.

Season 43 of Sesame Street focuses on STEAM and the importance of STEM knowledge in arts-based careers, such as that of a musician, dancer, or painter.

STEAM not STEM maintains that arts education is key to creativity, and creativity supports innovation. Innovation is the cornerstone of technological advancement.

“Clearly the combination of superior STEM education combined with Arts education (STEAM) should provide us with the education system that offers us the best chance for regaining the innovation leadership essential to the new economy,” according to the site.

TeacherVision Art Activities for Math Classes: This resource contains lesson plans and printables that combine numbers, science, and creativity with art-focused projects.

STEAM Education advocates for science and technology interpreted through engineering and the arts, all based in mathematical elements.

STE[+a]M Connect aims to advance STEAM education to help prepare students for academic and workplace success.

Scratch, a popular programming project from MIT, lets students product stories, games, and animations, fostering art and creativity while at the same time using important STEM skills.


Laura Ascione

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