Brandon, VT – Visual Learning Systems (VLS) launches a new, game-changing textbook for the iPad that will revolutionize the way middle school students learn science.

“This is the best middle school life science iBook textbook available”, writes G. Joseph, a Middle School Science teacher. Tackling the challenge of engaging students in science, this new textbook taps into their natural curiosities by utilizing hands-on applications and leveraging all the features of the iPad. Joseph cites how the embedded videos, high quality graphics, and short chapter sections with quizzes, “boost the student’s confidence.” Packed with hundreds of captivating video clips, fun interactives, and vibrant images, student curiosity is peaked, making the curriculum come alive while opening their eyes to the possibility of a career in science. Internet access is not needed to use this iBook once it has been downloaded from the iBookstore℠, which proves to be a huge benefit to teachers and students.

With this textbook, VLS used their vast experience in science education to ignite a passion for teaching and learning life science. Vermont-based team of animators, designers, videographers, and educators led by Brian Jerome, Ph.D. masterfully used their archive of videos, images, animations, and teaching materials to create this powerful learning tool. The talented team has created a textbook with which today’s students are familiar and comfortable. “I was so happy to find this iBook! … This quality interactive text is ensuring student engagement and learning”, writes Sean Yorgey, a Science Department Chair.

Spanning 31 chapters and over 1,000 pages “Core Ideas in Life Science” fully supports the Next Generation Science Standards. Teachers will know that critical content is covered in an accurate, easy-to-teach, and easy-to-learn process. “The blend of well-crafted text, exciting life science videos, animations, and stunning visuals engages a wide range of students to learn in ways never before possible”, said author Brian Jerome, Ph.D. For more information, go to:

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Visual Learning Systems is an educational science publisher. Its products include eTextbook, closed-captioned videos, images, animations, and teacher’s guides with student activities and assessments to support the K-12 curriculum. Videos are available in English and Spanish, and can be viewed via DVD, Streaming, Online Subscription, and Broadcast. VLS science materials are purchased by educational organizations throughout the US and internationally, including K-12 School Districts, State Departments of Education, Dual Language and Immersion programs, Schools for the Deaf, District Media Centers, and Instructional TV Stations. Visual Learning Systems units of study and publications are adaptable to all learning styles and abilities.


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