STEM apps for physics, algebra, and more

D. Bones, iPhone/iPad, Android, $1.99

This app helps children learn the skeletal system in an engaging. It is divided into three sections–a puzzle, a quiz, and text to give users information and basic descriptions of the bones.

Codecademy: Hour of Code, iPhone/iPad, Free
Following up on the intense popularity of the Hour of Code and computer science education awareness, this app helps users learn the basic concepts of coding and programming.

Oh No Fractions!, iPhone/iPad, Free
Fractions are among the most challenging units for young math students, and this app can help. Users can swipe to compare fractions, tap to reduce or simplify, and can check statistics of practice attempts. The visual and side-by-side comparison help learners visualize and absorb fractions.

HudsonAlpha iCell, iPhone/iPad, Android, Free

This app includes 3D models of cellular organelles, different detailed levels of cellular structure descriptions, and 3D views of typical plant, animal, and bacterial cells.

Element Matching Free, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Free

Students can learn symbols, charges, and Bohr models of each element easily, with timed versions of three different games. Teachers can collect student scores and data and send the information directly to their eMail address.

SimplePhysics, iPhone/iPad, Android, $1.99

This physics app engages students with limitless possibilities. Students can design complex structures, including houses or Ferris wheels, and then simulate their designs with a physics engine. While testing structure designs, users can see how strain is distributed and troubleshoot design flaws.

Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant, iPhone/iPad, Android, $1.99

This algebra app can help student evaluate numeric expressions, substitute a value for a variable; simplify fractions, square roots, or other expressions; solve simple equations or a system of equations; expand polynomials; and more.

Scalar: The Better Calculator, iPhone/iPad, $4.99

iOS calculators may be popular, but this calculator operates with an “endless sheet of paper” so users do not lose track of their calculations, no matter how complex. The app recalculates calculations upon editing, references entries from one another for complex calculations, and more.

Dragon Shapes: Geometry Challenge, iPhone/iPad, Free with in-app purchases available

Users can try four difficulty levels as they go through a structured sequence of geometric puzzles themed to characters within the app’s story. Users rely on problem solving and reasoning as they progress through the math challenges and build geometric knowledge, vocabulary, and spatial awareness.

TallyTots Counting, iPhone/iPad, Android, $1.99-$2.99

Within this app are 20 mini-games and puzzles through which toddlers can explore digits, quantity, order, and sorting. Frequent repetition helps reinforce numbers and sequence.

Laura Ascione

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