The SIF Association is proud to announce the release of the SIF Infrastructure Implementation Specification 3.0.1 to the global educational marketplace. This ‘fix release’ supersedes the previous 3.0 Infrastructure release, and standardizes additional infrastructure functionality requested by the SIF Community. The original goals of SIF 3.0 are now met in a stable, secure and powerful REST-based infrastructure that can be deployed in SIF solutions based locally or in the cloud, and configured to leverage middleware where it is available or (new to SIF) support direct client to service connections where it is not.

The SIF Infrastructure Implementation Specification 3.0.1 release consists of updated versions for the following set of components:
• A Read This First document which serves as the introduction to the remainder of the components and which should be the starting point for most developers.
• The Base Architecture, Infrastructure Services and Utility Services documents which together comprise the SIF 3.0.1 infrastructure specification.
• The set of XML Schemas defining the formats of infrastructure-related payloads.
• The SIF REST Developer Sandbox (SIF-RS) which provides a hands-on developer tool for understanding, creating and initial testing of SIF 3.0 compliant software.
• The SIF 3.0 Infrastructure Test Harness (due shortly) which forms the basis of the SIF 3.0 software Certification Suite and provides developers with a formal testing capability to demonstrate the functionality of their software.

Within the new 3.0 Specification, all current data model dependencies have been removed. As a result, the SIF 3.0.1 infrastructure can carry SIF object data from any SIF release of any locale (US, UK, AU) without change, or for that matter, carry data payloads from any XML data standard that is independent of the infrastructure that transports it.

“The SIF Community has, once again, shown great leadership and technical intelligence with the release of the SIF Infrastructure Implementation Specification 3.0.1” states Larry Fruth II, PhD, Executive Director/CEO, SIF Association. “With this release, the Association is providing the solution to the education marketplace ensuring that open, community developed interoperable standards guarantee secure access to ‘the right data, in the right place, at the right time’.”

“The SIF 3.0.1 “fix” release is in large measure a response to SIF 3.0 early adopter feedback, and it includes several important functionality extensions as well as a set of corrections which completely align the specification, the schemas and the REST Developer Sandbox” explains Ron Kleinman, Chief Technical Officer, SIF Association. “It is the stable featureful release of the SIF infrastructure that our members have been waiting for, and I would like to personally thank the numerous individual contributors whose active participation made this release possible.”

The SIF Infrastructure Implementation Specification 3.0.1 can be found on the SIF website at

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The SIF Association is a unique, non-profit collaboration composed of over 3,200 schools, districts, local authorities, states, US and International Ministries of Education, software vendors and consultants who collectively define the rules and regulations for educational software data interoperability. The SIF Implementation Specification enables diverse applications to interact and share data efficiently, reliably, and securely regardless of the platform hosting those applications. The SIF Association has united these education technology end users and providers in an unprecedented effort to give teachers more time to do what they do best: teach. For further information, visit

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