Glean’s goal is to provide a space for students and teachers to discover the best educational video lessons on the web

video-personal-learningNeed help fixing your bike? Looking for a new makeup look or hairstyle? More and more, we’re looking to YouTube to help us learn new things. The same goes in education these days. Can’t figure out how to do your trigonometry homework or need an extra study boost going into a test? YouTube can probably help you out.

But as we all know, though the internet can be a wealth of information, it’s not necessarily all good information. That’s also the case with instructional content. It’s not always necessarily that it’s not “good” information.

Sometimes it is simply that the information is not presented in the best way for the student who is looking for help. Not to mention the fact that the student might have to skim through three or more videos searching for what they need. This is time consuming–and for a student who might be in crunch time studying for a test, not really their best use of time.

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