What you should know about personalized education

As technology, innovation, and education continues to change rapidly, personalized eLearning should become part of the mainstream

personalized-educationWe’ve seen or heard about it all over the internet. Blogs and forums discussing the future of education. Learning gurus all over the world making predictions about social engagement, massive open online courses (MOOCs), informal learning, cloud-based technology, and much more.

The “personalization” approach is another eLearning trend that appears to be one of the most significant concepts in education today. What is behind this approach and why do education institutions strive to adapt it in the eLearning practice?

Personalized learning is a method of customizing the right type of learning for the right type of audience. A student is given a chance to engage in the eLearning process on his own, deciding what, when, and how to absorb information.

The push towards personalization is a natural phenomenon and is based on people’s individuality and desire to be the masters of their own lives. Personalized learning allows students to enjoy the educational process at their own pace, which is beneficial because people have different abilities, goals, needs, and approaches towards education.

The personalization concept is still new and there are many debates concerning its implementation. Despite advancements in technology and internet technology, the traditional education system prefers a “one-size-fits-all” model.

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