March 12, 2014 – With two rubber motor-powered aerospace kits new to its catalog, Pitsco Education aims high to catch students’ interest in STEM activities.

While model plane and glider kits look like fun, they also offer ways to help students understand science concepts such as forms of energy, aerodynamics, lift, and drag. These two new kits help educators combine fun and learning in the classroom.

The BFF Balsa Foam Flyer comes together with the simplicity of a foam glider but has the power of a rubber motor-powered plane. Students choose from four wing patterns, and only scissors and tape are required to build the kit. For a more classic aerospace activity, the Sky Eagle Plane starts with a balsa wood frame that comes with a designed paper cover. Then, a rubber motor and propeller give it power for a model plane that soars in the gym or outdoors.

And these kits don’t stand alone: the Model Airplanes Teacher’s Guide provides educators with a curriculum plan to incorporate such kits in the classroom – and was updated for the new Sky Eagle Plane. The guide covers many of the aerospace concepts through middle- and high school-level activities. Plus, the list of standards addressed has been updated and assessment answer keys for the included assessments, resources, and puzzles have also been added to the text.
Learn more about these items and other aerospace kits and learning materials by visiting or by calling 800-835-0686.

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