Big Data’s revolutionary potential

Big data is mentioned in everything from business to privacy. But what is big data and how could it create radical change in education?

big-data-revolutionary-potentialA recent eSchool News story about five revolutionary new ed-tech trends suggests that big data is one of the technological developments that “will have a near-immediate impact on teaching and learning.”

The term “big data” is often mentioned in relation to everything from business to privacy. But just what is big data, and how, exactly, could it create radical change in education?

According to the company SAS, “Big Data is a popular term used to describe the exponential growth and availability of data, both structured and unstructured.” In the modern age, it comes as no surprise that data has – and continues to – become more widely available, and for a variety of purposes. SAS also explains that big data could become as important to our society as the internet, simply because having more data may lead to more accurate analysis – of everything.

In the original education trend article, Jason Ohler explained that Big Data assumes that the supply of data will never stop, and that the greater the abundance of data, the better. So, then, what happens to this data?

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