PITTSBURG, Kansas (March 19, 2014) – Robotics competitions are in full swing. Make sure you have all the parts you need to be successful. Whether it’s extra “just-in-case” parts or an entire kit, you can find it in the 2014 TETRIX® mini catalog, now available from Pitsco Education.

The TETRIX mini catalog has 15 pages full of TETRIX products for the robotics enthusiast and the tinkerer alike. Products range from connectors, TETRIX pieces, and batteries to a Mr. Robot Kit! And the catalog is separated into sections so you can quickly find what you need, whether it’s resource sets, individual elements, controls, or accessories.

According to Pitsco’s R&D Manager Paul Uttley, “TETRIX is such a flexible building system with a wide variety of durable parts that it warrants having its own catalog. Plus, the product line is growing on a regular basis, making it a complete and comprehensive solution.”

New and improved products, including a variety of spacers, blocks, connectors, mounting brackets, servos, motors, and mounts, add to the TETRIX spectrum by extending the capabilities of the system. Now your students can build with more versatility, ease, and durability, taking their projects as far as their imaginations will allow.

For beginning teams to championship contenders – and everyone in between – the TETRIX line has everything you need to get started and keep moving.

To learn more about these and other activities, request a free copy of the 2014 TETRIX mini catalog by calling 800-835-0686 or request a copy or download a PDF at aux.pitsco.com/forms/CatalogRequest.aspx.

• Catalog request: aux.pitsco.com/forms/CatalogRequest.aspx
• TETRIX Robotics: www.TETRIXrobotics.com
• Robotics competitions: www.tetrixrobotics.com/Competitions/
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