School Accounts give academic institutions the ability to manage and distribute engaging video content to students

New York, March 25, 2014 – Mobento, provider of the free, curated library of video learning resources, announced optional paid School Accounts for academic institutions with premium features to supercharge their classrooms. School Accounts are the private side of Mobento. With School Accounts, academic institutions can easily manage, centralize, and distribute their digital learning resources. School Accounts also offer powerful tools to help educators engage their classroom such as: the ability to create courses, analytics, mobile apps, plus Student Information System (SIS) and Learning Management System (LMS) integrations.

School Accounts can be used as a stand-alone platform or for institutions that have already invested into educational technology such as a LMS platform, Mobento’s integrations make it easy for both platforms to work together. Mobento’s Canvas by Instructure integration, allows teachers and administrators to easily import learning resources and track student and course programs. The industry standard Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integrations allows teachers to manage and distribute their video and audio resources through the other major learning management systems such as Moodle, Blackboard, Schoology, Sakai, Desire2Learn, Haiku Learning and OpenClass.

“Mobento’s mission is to facilitate the use of video in education. We started with the public library and now our School Accounts make teaching with video more personal. School Accounts deliver premium features for schools that want to leverage videos to their full potential in education.” said Sumner Murphy, Mobento Founder. “The LMS integrations are simple to set up and use. Once a multimedia course is built in Mobento, moving it over to the LMS system only takes a few clicks.” now features over 4,300 free-to-use educational videos, and is rapidly growing. The videos are only derived from exceptional sources, such as Stanford, Yale, NASA, Khan Academy, and many more academic sources. Mobento’s selection of videos brings the knowledge of real-world subject experts to students in sessions that they can view in class or at their own pace.

School Account Feature Highlights

Mobento Search
Mobento’s search engine not only searches through text around digital content such as title and description, BUT it also searches inside the audio or video files. It searches the words that were spoken and then shows in the scrub bar exactly where the word was said. This new search technology is one of Mobento’s most powerful tools to help teachers and students find the content they need quickly and then jump to the exact point in the audio or video file that they need.

Courses, notes and classroom discussions:
Instructors can build courses, enroll students and create assignments within their School Accounts. All multimedia content is stored in one place. Teachers can attach documents and useful links to audio recordings, videos and courses to provide easy access for students. Mobento handles all formats including: PDF, PowerPoint, JPEG, Word documents and more. Documents, such as work sheets or activities and hyperlinks, can easily be embedded within a course to help create a well-rounded learning experience.

Students can also take notes from alongside the video player as they work on their assigned course viewing. Their online notes will now be associated with that lecture when they want to go back and review. Courses also offer a classroom discussion feature so students can discuss their current tasks and ask questions as they progress through a topic.

Mobile Apps
The Mobento School Account allows controlled and measureable access through web browsers and Mobento’s mobile apps (iOS and Android). Simple, well-designed interfaces ensure the content and tasks remain front and center.

Mobile apps also allow students to download resources to a device (such as a mobile phone or a tablet—either Android or iOS) and watch offline so lack of Internet connectivity does not keep students from their work. Students that may not have Internet access at home or on a long commute can now take advantage of completing their assignments without worrying about losing their progress when they are offline. When they are back online, all their work gets synchronized back to the School Account. Mobento’s mobile applications also make is simple to implement a bring-your-own-device policy at an institution and flip a classrooms.

Below are some examples of the metrics Mobento offers educators to help them pinpoint student progress so that they can create a more engaging course:

User analytics: Videos watched, areas of interest, pages visited, content interactions, courses enrolled in, progress on courses, videos or audios that they’ve liked, commented on and taken notes alongside.

Video and audio analytics: Plays over time, how many completed views, number of aggregate interactions with video or audio files, likes and dislikes, comment threads, notes taken and course use.

Course analytics: Course engagement, student progress, class progress, individual student overview, class video discussion, most and least engaged students and content ranking.

System analytics: Upload monitoring, system highlights, usage data and downloadable reports.

Mobento’s administrative dashboard allows administrators and teachers to customize the look and feel of their School Account to make it feel like their campus. Mobento allows for custom logos, color scheme, time zone settings, disabling comments and discussions, allowing access to the public library and setting up a custom URL.


Educators can access Mobento’s free library of videos at Mobento School Accounts are available to teachers, schools and districts as an annual subscription. For pricing information contact or fill out our contact form on the School Accounts page. The content is accessible 24-hours a day from any computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access and videos that have been downloaded can be viewed offline using Mobento’s mobile apps. Links to these apps are on Mobento’s mobile apps page.

About Mobento

Mobento is an online video learning platform that combines the best educational content with innovative technology to deliver a more personalized and effective learning environment for students while empowering educators. Founder Sumner Murphy started Mobento to address the challenges of struggling learners to succeed in school and life, after overcoming his own reading disability. At just 23 years old, Murphy’s concept and product impressed investors enough to make history, granting him the largest seed round for an educational start up in the UK.

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