SANTA CLARA-For teachers across the country, the transition to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) has been challenging to say the least. With a lack of readily available teaching materials, many have had to spend countless hours creating their own new assessments, lessons, and resources from scratch, sometimes at their own cost.
In an effort to help teachers, SchoolCity Inc., a Silicon Valley-based K-12 technology firm has launched a FREE Common Core Assessment Software. (
The free tool called, “STARS™ LITE” provides teachers with instant access to deliver, score and analyze hundreds of pre-created Common Core assessments for their students. Assessments can be delivered to students online or via traditional paper/pencil and scanned.
“We just see too many teachers out there struggling to find good quality Common Core assessments, and without this of course the students ultimately pay the price”, says SchoolCity President and CEO, Vaseem Anjum.
Since 1999, SchoolCity has provided assessment, curriculum and reporting software to educators across the United States. Most of their products require a license fee to access but their corporate goals mandate that some must be provided at no cost. Anjum says, “Our kids deserve the best they can get and if we can help by providing some free assessments and systems, we are happy to do it”.
For more features or access to a “district” license, upgrade options are available. However, SchoolCity’s main goal of STARS™ LITE is to get Common Core Assessments in the hands of teachers today so they can make an immediate impact on teaching and learning.
STARS™ LITE with Common Core assessments is available now. Teachers can go to to sign up and begin using immediately.

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