– PR with Panache! (PRP) is thrilled to announce that its client family is continuing to grow. In the last quarter, The PRP team has welcomed six innovative companies to PR with Panache!: Thesys, Socos, Junyo, Learning Upgrade, Hooda Math and the Coughlan Community Giving Fund.

As modern-day storytellers in education, the Minnesota-based public relations firm helps entrepreneurs, innovators and education heroes communicate the right message to the right audience at the right time.

“Each of our new clients are driving progress in their respective education niche and PR with Panache! is privileged to build their brands and tell their stories,” said Sue Hanson, the founder of PR with Panache! “Our experienced team has the breadth and expertise to provide award-winning public relations campaigns and value to the companies we support — and we do it with panache!”

The firm’s new clients include:

Thesys, a curriculum provider with a blended online/classroom approach to education. The company’s unique learning model meets the needs of every student and has been incredibly successful for at-risk populations like English Language Learners.

Socos, an educational technology & data mining company based in San Francisco. In addition to offering consulting services for educational data mining research, the company develops web applications for individuals, students, educators, companies and academic institutions.

Junyo, a technology company that develops tools and platforms to leverage the power of big-data analytics. The company is developing a broad foundational database that supports multiple applications within education for both B2B and B2C markets.

Learning Upgrade, an online reading and math curriculum that uses songs, videos and games to engage digital natives. Each course is created to help students master skills tested by the Common Core State Standards, making the curriculum truly Common Core-aligned.

Hooda Math, a free online math website. Founded by a former middle school math teacher, the site features engaging games and helpful learning tools to teach students math skills.

Coughlan Companies Community Fund, which has invested more than $3 million since 2000 to improve the communities where Capstone employees work and live. The Fund has also donated more than one million books through its Wonder of Reading program to local, state, national and international nonprofit organizations

For more information about PR with Panache! or to see the firm’s full client family, visit prwithpanache.com.

About PR with Panache!
panache (p nash’) n. [Fr.]. style; flair; verve; confident; dashing!
PR with Panache! is a bold, fast-moving public relations and media marketing agency for the education marketplace with a national reputation for smart, entrepreneurial communications, content marketing, product publicity and brand awareness.
We consistently deliver explosive results for companies and organizations that previously had low-to-zero awareness and presence in the education marketplace. We leverage PR, marketing and business development to build positive awareness to ensure our clients rise above the noise in the physical and online worlds. We speak the right language, with long-established education media relationships…so our panache is polished!

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