Nicholas Gledich, recently recognized for his leadership during the Waldo Canyon Fires, attributes some of his success as a district executive leader to providing formalized systematic approaches to decision-making at all leadership levels in District 11 in Colorado Springs, CO. He believes that his primary responsibility as superintendent is to “optimize the utilization of resources to increase achievement in his district.” Building the individual capabilities of his staff, one of his most important resources, has resulted in “more comprehensive decision-making, depth of thought, better discussions, and true collaboration.”
Gledich was trained as a TregoED Process Leader in 1999 when he was an Assistant Superintendent in Orange County, Florida. When he moved to District 11, he recognized that his leadership team had good decision-making skills but could not always provide a rationale or a plan to mitigate threats or capitalize on future opportunities. After his district and school leaders participated in TregoED problem-solving and decision-making workshops, Nick found that “decisions began to be made with more comprehensive input, quality thinking, and better outcomes.” These outcomes included a “higher degree of commitment, more clarity in thinking, a common language, increased buy-in, and transparency for stakeholders.”
The key to raising the decision-making capabilities of the entire district has been Gledich’s modeling of the visible thinking strategies and expectations for their implementation at every level. He believes that if you want to “do the right things right” you need a structure in place to get you there. Using a formalized approach has made meetings more productive and increased staff members’ confidence in their ability to handle tough issues.
Nick Gledich deserved recognition because of his district’s response to the Waldo Canyon fires, but it is his commitment and expectations to make visible thinking strategies systemic in his district that is having a positive impact on reaching district goals. We, at TregoED, salute his dedication to his students, staff, and community and congratulate him on his well-deserved recognition as EdWeek’s Leader to Learn From.
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