Students can participate in a Showcase Field Trip where they can bring in a project they are already working on and present it to their classmates and the Apple store team. Or, using Apple technology, students can participate in a Create Field Trip, where they can create their own projects based on the curriculum they are learning in the classroom.

Last spring, students in Santa Monica traveled to their local Apple store and were able to shoot, edit, and watch their very own movie trailers, as reported here by KTLA-TV’s Rich DeMuro.

The field trips allow students to use and experiment with Apple technology. Students can shoot film with iMovie, create albums in iPhoto, make Keynote presentations, or compose a song or a podcast in Garage Band.
At each session, Apple “Trainers” and “Specialists” teach students how to use the programs and products and give them advice on their work. The trips foster creativity by encouraging students to think about what they’ve learned in the classroom and how they can bring their classroom lessons into the real world.

There are also Field Trip programs available for teachers. During the teacher Field Trips, Apple employees will show teachers tools for teaching and learning, providing a unique chance for professional development.

The field trips are open to K-12 students. Each event can accommodate a maximum of 25 people. Showcase field trips last one hour and Create field trips last 90 minutes. Registration for field trips is open through May 30th.

Though some view the free trips as a form of advertising for Apple products, the trips expose students to new technology and get them excited about what they’re learning. Teachers can take the ideas and practices of the field trip and implement them in the classroom to establish a more interactive and creative environment.

Sydney Mineer is an eSchool News editorial intern.

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