EduTone Single Sign-On Marketplace part of Intel Education is Coming Soon

Alameda, CA – April 1, 2014. EduTone Corporation announced today that has joined the EduTone Single Sign-On (SSO) Marketplace part of Intel Education which is an on-demand catalog of cloud-hosted, third party try and buy services for the K-12 education market segment. My provides interactive word puzzles with Latin or Greek word roots, themed content vocabulary activities, standards alignment, assessment, 570 word lists, 90 unique themed features and SAT-ACT test prep.

“We are excited to include in the EduTone SSO Marketplace part of Intel Education,” said Julian Mobbs, CEO of EduTone. “ is a fantastic way to help students and lifelong learners with English comprehension and with literacy,” continued Julian.
“ provides interactive resources to promote English comprehension and literacy,” said Carey Cook Co-founder of “Participating in the EduTone SSO Marketplace part of Intel Education will broaden our goal to aid and increase English reading skills and literacy around the world,” said Carey.

The EduTone SSO Marketplace part of Intel Education is coming soon and will be accessible through the EduTone SSO Passport which enables distribution partners to offer school customers the ability to immediately provision any best of breed, web-enabled content or software services to their teachers and students from an on-demand catalog.

About EduTone Corporation
EduTone provides cutting edge, cloud-based, device and platform agnostic services specifically designed for today’s K-20 institutions. EduTone Xchange™, its multiple award-winning, fully-integrated, customisable, end-to-end services delivery platform provides educational institutions with secure Single Sign-On, automated role/policy-based provisioning and identity management for all web-enabled applications, content and communities. The Edutone SSO Marketplace part of Intel Education, is a one-stop shop for on-demand marketing and distribution of learning resources including Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Online Courses and downloadable Digital Assets.

EduTone Corporation is a privately held corporation headquartered in Alameda, California. For more information, go to:

About, educational content on 2500 pages, is free and available only online without ads or registration. Since 1997 the featured word puzzles and word challenges use Latin and Greek root-based activities to address eight different learning styles. Lesson plans across the curriculum display interactive content starting with ELA Root Word Lesson Plans and continuing to 90 Calendar & Subject-specific themed word puzzles. Resources help expand vocabulary, decoding skills and word acquisition. Student engagement is self-paced, safe and aligns with the CCSS-Common Core State Standards. Every puzzle page has a specific CCSS strand number that is applicable to the activity.

Over 250 SAT® and ACT®-type words contain a rigorous word root focus. The word puzzle engine uses at least seven interactive activities to reinforce mastery of each unfamiliar vocabulary word. On every activity after study, students submit answers, see the correct answer in a sentence, get a percentage score with a comment & grade and can email results to their teacher/parent/tutor. provides over 570 Word Lists. Speech pathologists, ESL professionals and teachers from K-5, especially, use word lists for word walls and spelling. Upper grades use newly acquired words in conversations, presentations and essays. Vocabulary lists for 155 Classic Books or Required Readings, many with interactive activities, are highly popular.
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