K-12 administrative software and technology services company SunGard K-12 Education has released the latest version of its award-winning eSchoolPLUS student information system. Highlighting this software release are enhancements to the system’s gradebook that will help school districts support student success within a standards-aligned curriculum, such as the Common Core State Standards. It also includes new features that will help boost efficiency, improve communication, and support emergency response—many of which have been developed in consultation with SunGard K-12 customers nationwide.

According to Joel Hames, SunGard K-12’s director of product management, this software release features the latest of a series of enhancements that support teachers with differentiating and personalizing instruction. “Our recent development activities have focused on enriching and tightening the feedback loop in the classroom to help teachers with the daily decision making that supports student achievement,” says Hames. “This release, which features enhancements to our standards-based gradebook, will put tools at teachers’ fingertips that help boost their success with implementing a standards-aligned curriculum.”

Included on the lengthy list of new features are several that provide educators with at-a-glance insights about student performance, including a summary view to allow teachers to see a student’s gradebook score for a select group of competencies and new competency scores, including support for power law. The software also provides added flexibility to allow teachers to enter grades as they want and increased options for sharing information with students and parents.

In considering the new features it would offer, SunGard K-12 was guided by input from its customers about the tools and functionality that would make their work easier. “Because we’ve closely listened to our customers and diligently worked to address their needs, our software is easy to use and features robust functionality that is essential for 21st-century schools,” says Hames. “And, because of our commitment to keep listening, we are continuing to innovate our software to meet the changing needs of K-12 schools and districts across the country.”

This version of eSchoolPLUS includes new features that help boost efficiency of daily tasks. The homepage is now highlighted with even more tools for tailoring the content based on user preference, including a new drag-and-drop dashboard. A variety of other enhancements also have been added, such as tools that make it easier to prorate student fees for an individual student, to automatically run immunization validations, and to increase options for grade reporting and course scheduling.

In addition, eSchoolPLUS now allows districts to quickly record students’ presence and location during emergency situations. And thanks to enhancements to the software’s hallmark PLUS 360 Notifications system, districts can now send messages to users via a pop-up message on their screen.

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