These English apps will help students understand sentence structure, grammar, and Shakespeare

english-appsApps for STEM education top many educators’ lists today. And while STEM is a very important part of classroom education, it is not the only part. As states work to implement the Common Core State Standards, English and language arts education has become an important focus.

To help expand your access to English resources, eSchool News has compiled a list of English apps for students across the K-12 age spectrum.

These apps range from helping to teach students to write sentences, to helping them understand how to use and recognize literary devices. Some of these apps can also be helpful for creating lesson plans, taking and sharing notes and sharing presentations.

[Editor’s note: App prices are current as of press time. Prices may change.]

1. PLAY-DOH Create ABCs: Android- $1.99

This app helps kids learn how to write letters and form words using PLAY DOH to virtually mold letters. Once a letter is completed, the app shows the user words that begin with the same letter. It also features a matching game where you match letters with PLAY DOH creations to reinforce the sounds of each letter.

When you get a question right, you are given a PLAY-DOH creation to mold and play with. The app saves all the PLAY DOH creations for users to access later to create their own stories and scenes.

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