10 innovative STEAM education apps

Science Apps

1. A Life Cycle App, iPhone/iPad, Android, $0.99

This inexpensive app, created by high school students, educators, and parents in Texas, provides illustrations and narrations to help students understand the life cycles of a variety of creatures. The different options of life cycles to follow, ranging from the life cycle of a frog to photosynthesis, can be selected according to grade level, making this app educational and engaging for students of all ages.

2. Science 360 for iPad, iPad, Free

Created by the National Science Foundation, this app offers a newsfeed with updates from scientific institutions, as well as photo and video content from around the world. Students can search for specific content using, as well as save their favorite material with the touch of a finger.

They can stay informed using the newsfeed, or follow their interests by exploring other videos and articles. The wide variety of information available makes this app versatile and useful in science classes of different grade levels.

Technology Apps

3. Do Ink Animation & Drawing, iPad, $4.99

This app allows users to create animations at their own level. Easy-to-use and complete with powerful drawing tools, Do Ink features flipbook-style animation, motion paths, and software to publish  creations. This is another app suitable for many different age groups, because the level of animation sophistication can be easily adjusted. It also blends technology with creativity, fulfilling two aspects of STEAM in one program.

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