10 innovative STEAM education apps

4. Hakitzu Elite: Robot Hackers, iPhone/iPad, Android, Free

Students can become “code warriors” using this app, as they learn the basics of JavaScript while hacking their friends and fighting robots. Kids do not need any previous coding knowledge to use it, as the game guides you through levels of difficulty.

The more you code, the more you unlock points and tools. And a new feature, in-game leaderboards, can rank students against their friends, adding a dose of some friendly competition.

Engineering Apps

5. Build a Ship with Kate and Harry, iPhone/iPad, Android, $1.99

An easy engineering app for younger children, Build a Ship allows students to choose to work with character Kate or Harry, and tap parts to build a ship – there are over 3000 design combinations to choose from, and all are attainable in five steps.

Upon completion of a ship, the game also features a short video in which kids can watch Kate or Harry drive the ship while a virtual audience applauds, adding some positive reinforcement.

6. Cat Physics, iPhone/iPad, Android, $1.99

This app builds on a simple premise – passing a ball from one cat to another – by complicating it with moving obstacles like trap doors and flip boards. Students must navigate a tricky environment to complete each challenge, in order to unlock achievements and win stars as part of a ranking system.

The app also offers 100 thought-provoking puzzles to keep kids entertained. It has received praise for its quality graphics and physics content.

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