10 innovative STEAM education apps

Arts Apps

7. MoMA Art Lab, iPad, Free

The MoMA Art Lab app lets students get creative and make sound compositions, shape poems, group drawings, and more. They can research the work of famous artists like Henri Matisse, Alexander Calder, and more, then explore these artists’ style and processes. From this inspiration, they can create and save their own pieces.

This app provides an easy and creative way to expose students of all ages to masterpieces and art history early in their education.

8. iPastels, iPhone/iPad, Free

Centered on the medium of pastels, this app lets students create digital art. Even those without strong art skills will be entertained enough to learn through practice, and those with more art experience can use the app to plan out their real pastel projects.

The app actually simulates soft chalk pastels, and tries to be as realistic possible, allowing students to experiment with form and color by blending the different shades on the digital paper. Tools like Smudge and Cotton Swab add to the lifelike nature of the app, and give students even more design options.

Math Apps

9. Bugs and Numbers, iPhone/iPad, $2.99

This app offers 18 games and activities, with 36 achievements and awards. It allows students to practice a range of math skills in a “non-traditional way.” The game is organized into three different stages, and is meant to grow with the student, as activities range from counting to fractions.

On a fun note, it’s designed around a bug city, with each game making a parallel to our own society while targeting specific math skills.

10. King of Math, iPhone/iPad, Android, $1.99

King of Math tackles 12 math topics, from basic addition and subtraction to powers, statistics, and equations. Students will begin as a farmer and their character evolves as they answer math questions, win points, and move through the levels, winning stars and achievements.

Scores can be compared between friends and other players worldwide, and there is a free version of the game available for a trial run before purchasing the full version.

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