Big perks for University High School tech support internship

As the school year progresses, monthly staff meetings allow time for additional training and addressing tougher tech support issues. If there is a lull in support cases, interns sometimes take on other projects, such as rebuilding servers or testing new software.

Interns earn course credit for the program, and many of the graduating seniors have gone on to pursue technical fields. The help desk experience also makes them strong candidates for paid internships.

The help desk originally used a desk in the library media center, but has since grown into a space that previously housed the school’s servers. The new space allows for better storage of tools and parts, and is more accessible to other students. “We want to make it easy for students to come to us when they have tech problems,” says Culbertson.

Surprisingly, when the school upgraded its computers this year, a new problem surfaced: keeping the interns busy.

Culbertson remarked, “Our previous computer model was quite a bit more fragile, and we had a steady stream of work to do. This model is much more durable, and the students are learning how take care of the computers. My biggest challenge right now is keeping the help desk interns from getting bored.”

Overall, that is not a bad problem to have.

Gretchen Zaitzeff is a library specialist and Cory Culbertson is a U-High faculty associate teaching engineering.

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