BETHESDA, MD (April 3, 2014) – Dig-It! Games, an independent developer of educational, interactive learning games founded by a former archaeologist and middle school teacher, has launched the next edition and final chapter of its award-winning game, Mayan Mysteries. The unique puzzle-based game brings history to life and turns players into archaeologists as they gather clues hidden across ancient Maya sites to catch a secretive thief. Aligned to the National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies and Common Core Standards for Language Arts and Mathematics, Mayan Mysteries meets cross-subject requirements for Social Studies, Language Arts and Mathematics, and is ideal for interactive learning in the classroom.

In the new edition, players discover eight real Maya sites and explore more than 25 challenging puzzles, including the new Temple Build, Pyramid Chambers, and Water Management mini games. Featuring more than 450 challenges and questions, two new levels, and a range of activities, players will visit pyramids, identify and collect authentic artifacts, use spatial reasoning and strategic thinking to build temples, and apply mathematical skills to construct dams, reservoirs, and canals. Overall, players are immersed in a long-term educational gaming experience.

“Mayan Mysteries is designed specifically for students in grades 5-9 to provide an exciting learning experience about archaeology and the ancient Maya civilization in a way that is entertaining and engaging,” said Suzi Wilczynski, founder and president of Dig-It! Games. “The feedback from kids, parents, teachers and the industry has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are thrilled to offer even more hours of interactive game play that truly blends fun and learning.”

A powerful Teacher Management System (TMS) enables educators to track students’ progress and performance within the game, and to follow individual and class progress and performance on standards-based assessments targeted for each grade-level. In addition, the TMS reports align the game content with national standards in an easy, manageable way at both the class and student level.

The educational journey with Team Q, now featuring Anna, a brand new character created from the winning sketch of Dig-It! Games’ recent nationwide Character Drawing Contest, will ultimately solve the mystery to save Ich’aak from looters.

First introduced in October 2012, Mayan Mysteries is easy to play at school or at home. Produced in association with FableVision Studios, the game is available on Mac, PC and tablet devices with an internet connection, as well as for an iPad app with no internet connection required. For pricing and licensing information, visit

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