Though an in-demand skill, most schools fall short when it comes to computer science

computer-scienceWould it surprise you to know that most schools don’t teach computer science — not even the basics? It should, especially given that there will be about 1 million more U.S. jobs in the tech sector in the next decade than computer science graduates to fill them, according to, a nonprofit launched last year to promote computer science in schools.

Failure to teach students basic theory behind how computer technology works has several implications–none of them positive. First, employers are clamoring for qualified people to fill tech-related jobs. Yet students aren’t introduced to this potentially high-paying field as they take the first steps toward a career.

This is particularly true for women and minorities, two groups woefully underrepresented in technology jobs. Earlier exposure to computer science careers not only points more people toward the industry, it also eases stereotypes about who “belongs” in these jobs.

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