Now compare this to a similar graph if the pace of teaching had occurred in a traditional classroom. (Graph 2)

Graph 2 – The pace of learning in a traditional classroom

Graph 2 – The pace of learning in a traditional classroom

Do we really believe that the rate of learning in a classroom occurs like this?

Teachers and students have been trapped in a system of delivery of learning that is a product of a previous era. It was very difficult to allow students to learn at an individual pace twenty or thirty years ago.

However, effective technology based systems now allow this to occur, and everyone can benefit. Students benefit by learning at a pace that suits their needs. Teachers benefit as they can focus on helping individuals rather than guessing what a group needs.

We need to move confidently and quickly to facilitate this shift to personalized education. Our students deserve nothing less.

Peter West is Director of eLearning at Saint Stephen’s College in Australia. He has over 15 years’ experience leading K12 schools in technology enhanced education, particularly blended learning using online learning environments. He can be contacted at