Parents, students, and educators can explore how science impacts everyday life

science-lifeOpening young minds to the wonders of science with a unique online resource center, Discovery Education and 3M created Science of Everyday Life, an online destination for teachers, students of all ages, and their parents to explore the surprising and important role that science plays in our daily lives.

The site offers K-12 curriculum and interactive tools that bring to life the science that’s happening all around us, as well as family activities that encourage students to make connections at home to what they are learning in school.

Site resources, among others, include:

  • K-12 curriculum aligned to national standards.
    • Exciting, inquiry-based lesson plans focus on key areas including life science, physical science, earth science, and technology/innovation using common materials found in the classroom.
  • Curriculum home connections allowing educators to send students home with family activities that build upon classroom learnings.
  • Family activities encouraging students in grades K-12 to discover the real-world of science around them and make connections to what they are learning in school.
  • An “Innovation Headquarters” showcasing innovations from the past century with brain teasers, virtual labs and an interactive timeline.
    • Virtual labs are designed to give students practice with creating and conducting virtual investigations in preparation for their own hands-on investigations.
    • The interactive timeline takes a look at the last century of innovation demonstrating how perseverance, ingenuity and creativity have made the past 100 years a century of success.

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