When does educational technology become disruptive in the classroom?

Stage C (Create and populate the courses within the OLE)

This stage requires teaching and support staff to create and populate the online courses. This usually initially consists of moving existing teaching and learning resources into the OLE. These resources may include documents, presentations, videos, web links, Web 2 resources, interactive resources and podcasts. The courses may also include online quizzes, rubrics, discussions, forums, personalized learning pathways and more.

eLearning staff should be leading this process, and teachers are heavily involved creating content. However, it is possible for the pedagogy to be unaffected; teaching may continue as it has always done with the material in the OLE being viewed as support material for students. Some staff may take advantage of the material and start to “blend” their teaching.

The IT Department is largely uninvolved in this stage.

Stage D (Device)

At some stage, for blended learning to occur across the entire organization, each student must have access to his/her own device. The type of device (laptop, tablet, phone, etc.) and the method of supplying it (BYOD, supplied by the organization, etc.) may vary.

This is a busy time for the IT Department and the eLearning Department. Some teachers may embrace the change and begin to make significant changes to pedagogy, but it is also possible for traditional teaching to largely continue unchanged. The introduction of devices does not ensure that a change in pedagogy will occur.

Stage B (Blended Learning)

Once all of the previous components are in place, the organization wide shift to blended learning can occur. This involves realigning the course materials created in Stage C to fit the appropriate blended learning model.

At this stage organization wide pedagogy should change.

At this stage teachers must change the way they have been teaching.

Even though it may have taken years to build to this stage, “suddenly” disruption occurs; it is obvious and cannot be ignored. This can be liberating for some and unnerving for others.

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