Tablets’ increasing popularity has transformed the marketplace

tablets-textbookWith more than 170 million units sold, the iPad has revolutionized mobile computing since its release in 2010. While Apple’s market share plummeted to about 36 percent last year with the emergence of cheaper Android-based tablets, it can be said that the iPad has changed the way people work, play and communicate.

Four years after being introduced to consumers around the globe, the trend-setting tablet is poised to drastically change the way Raleigh County students learn by turning textbooks, plastic foam dioramas and library card catalogs into things of the past.

As part of a new digital learning initiative, the county has distributed more than 10,000 iPads throughout its 28 school-system. While the program is still in its infancy, the state department of education hopes all of West Virginia can copy Raleigh County and go digital in the near future.

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