At Pitsco, we take all your successes — both in and outside the classroom — personally. And the April-May 2014 issue of The Pitsco Network, now available online, demonstrates this, beginning with a great article by our Senior Customer Service Representative Joel Howard.

Be sure to look for other inspiring success stories as well, including:
• In Okaloosa County, Florida, Pitsco labs, funded by a Department of Defense Education Activity grant, send test scores flying.
• Cherokee County, Georgia, is promoting core learning through a combined STEM and Family and Consumer Sciences approach.
• Hands-on learning means deeper understanding for students in Jackson, Mississippi.
• Educator Cindy Jones realizes a 20-year dream with Phonics: Animals in Motion.

Create your own classroom success with the latest SySTEM Alert! insert for students. In this issue:
• The mystery of homing pigeons’ navigation abilities continues.
• Origami meets modern technology to create a NASA solar array.
• A pocket wind farm?
• Test your students with a new SySTEM Alert! quiz.

Note to teachers: The answer key for the SySTEM Alert! quiz can be obtained upon request. Please contact Cody White at

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