Spring Lake, MI: Interior Concepts Corporation is an industry leader in designing, manufacturing, and installing furniture for technology applications in K-12 environments. Interior Concepts recently launched a free STEM Lab Planning and Design Guide available for download now.

The STEM Lab Planning Guide discusses layout and design considerations for the building, classrooms, teachers, and students. The goal of the design guide is to help everyone involved in planning the STEM environment to think through how the classrooms and labs will function in order to design the lab to create the best learning environment possible.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) supporters recognize how interdisciplinary these subjects are, and rather than teaching these classes individually, the STEM disciplines are integrated and paired with real-world applications so students grasp connections between everyday life, school, work, and the global economy. This innovative and blended educational approach is not only influencing K–12 math and science curriculums, but also how classroom furniture needs to adapt for maximized learning.

Promoting the key concepts of STEM through specialized curriculum often requires new spaces or repurposing and redesigning existing spaces. To help the people involved in designing these spaces, Interior Concepts has created a helpful planning tool. Download the free STEM Lab Planning and Design Guide here: http://my.interiorconcepts.com/stem-lab-planning-guide/.

About Interior Concepts: Drawing from decades of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality, made in the USA school furniture, Interior Concepts is your #1 choice for STEM & technology education furniture. For more information, or to request a free, no obligation quote visit http://www.interiorconcepts.com/stem.

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