(April 25, 2014) – Pitsco Education’s newest math offering, MATH Expeditions, takes students on a journey like no other. As students explore real-world uses of math knowledge and skills, they complete engaging algebra-readiness and algebra curricular programs developed around Common Core State Standards.

Expeditions are, by definition, exploratory adventures, and Pitsco MATH Expeditions are no exception. Through such titles as Projectile Isle, where students solve and graph quadratic equations; Running Well Thief, which involves creating linear functions; and The Art of Coaching, which takes students through the shape, center, and spread of data sets, students discover new ways to learn and use math as they embark on journeys to specific destinations and complete hands-on tasks using available resources.

Each Expeditions title includes an Essential Question and guided Destinations in which students acquire and apply targeted math skills. Expeditions also give students ample opportunity to explore in a project-based setting. Turn them loose in the curriculum and watch them become engaged with the subject matter.

The excitement isn’t just for students, however. Teachers will love the flexible options inherent in Expeditions. Each title can be implemented rotationally, with different students simultaneously working on various titles, or as a whole-class option, with everyone working on a single title. Either way, students can work individually, in pairs, or in small groups. What’s more, Expeditions incorporate a combination of teacher-led and student-directed curriculum, leaving the setup entirely up to each individual classroom teacher.

“MATH Expeditions are meant to engage students in math while also giving teachers flexible control over the classroom,” explained Pitsco’s Director of Curriculum Development Dave Files. “The hands-on quest for answers provides students with real-world relevance, and the various implementation options allow for targeted instruction where necessary.”

The first Expeditions are scheduled for a summer 2014 release. So for real-world, hands-on math excitement, get ready to take your students on an expedition!

For more information about MATH Expeditions or other Pitsco math solutions, contact a Pitsco Education consultant at 800-828-5787.

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