Visual Learning Systems (VLS) originally began making videos and teacher’s guides for K-12 science classrooms in English, but soon learned there was a strong demand to produce them in Spanish. Brian A. Jerome, Ph.D. explains, “We found that with the number of Dual Language and Immersion schools increasing, there was a need for quality core-curricular academic science programs in Spanish and English”. The need to provide core-curricular science units of study to Dual Language programs played a key role in creating Spanish science videos. Now with 56 Spanish titles for kindergarten through grade 5, VLS’ videos are widely used in Texas, California, Utah, and NYC Spanish Immersion, Bilingual, and Dual Language Programs. Each unit of study comes with videos, teacher’s guides, assessments, and student activities. Videos are available as a single title, series, or as a collection making it simple for teachers to supplement and teach the complete science curriculum.

Utilizing narrators in Mexico City, the renowned language school at Middlebury College, and bilingual classroom teachers to translate their teacher’s guides and student pages, VLS has succeeded in compiling high-quality science materials in an academic neutral Spanish. “Good science videos containing high-end academic Spanish are hard to come by. The Spanish titles produced by Visual Learning fill a great need”, said E. Chavez of El Paso ISD.

Each unit of study is correlated to state and national standards, Next Generation Science Standards and is Common Core compliant. Programs are available in digital and DVD formats. These engaging videos include narration in Spanish and English, subtitles in Spanish and English, frequent on-screen questions, repetition of vocabulary, and clear visual cues for understanding. Teacher’s Guides make it easy to create lesson plans with pre and post assessments, laboratory investigations, and vocabulary activities all in Spanish. With one week’s worth of lessons for each unit of study, they can be used in the science classroom and across the curriculum. “The Visual Learning Science materials provide a valued resource for our teachers,” said E. Gallagher, Dual Immersion Coordinator in Park City, Utah. “They are comprehensible with visuals and the speech is clear, but also natural. Teachers are using them to support weekly lessons and engage all students.” For more information go to:
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Visual Learning Systems is a K-12 educational science publisher. Its products include eTextbook, closed-captioned videos, images, animations, and teacher’s guides with student activities and assessments to support the K-12 curriculum. Videos are available in English and Spanish, and can be viewed via DVD, Streaming, Online Subscription, and Broadcast. VLS science materials are purchased by educational organizations throughout the US and internationally, including K-12 School Districts, State Departments of Education, Dual Language and Immersion programs, Schools for the Deaf, District Media Centers, and Instructional TV Stations. Visual Learning Systems units of study and publications are adaptable to all learning styles and abilities.


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