Challenge students with this digital citizenship contest

This past fall, Common Sense Media debuted its first music video, Pause & Think Online, an animated song for kids to learn about digital citizenship. We love our colorful characters but think your students would be even better sharing the message – and we want to see them! Have students create a video, in which they sing, dance, act and/or animate their own characters. The video must:

  • Incorporate the Pause & Think Online song
  • Include Pause & Think Online in your video title
  • Feature elementary students, from grades K-5
  • Feature participants who have parent-signed Release Forms
  • Be no longer than 3 ½ minutes
  • Contain no copyrighted material (unless you have permission)
  • Include end credits (but no full names of students)
  • Be posted as a public video on YouTube

eSchool News Staff

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