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Despite ‘bubble’ risks, ed-tech innovation soars

Although there may be an ed-tech bubble, there is no sign of it bursting any time soon

ed-tech-bubble [1]Veteran ed-tech journalist Frank Catalano [2] shares useful advice to would-be ed-tech entrepreneurs.

Namely, that rapid growth in the industry has resulted in a bubble; that education and ed-tech are not monolithic entities; and entrepreneurs must do their homework and due diligence to see what has worked in the past and what has failed.

Read the full story from geekwire.com [2].

Yet despite the risks, there may never be a better time than now [3] for ed-tech startups. In 2013, entrepreneurs [4] raised more than half a million, compared to over $200 million in 2008. Read the full story in VatorNews [4].

Ed-tech innovation is not limited to adults. From April 11-13, middle school students pitched ideas and received coaching on business, ed-tech and coding at Mountain View Startup Weekend Education [5], “the youngest age group in Startup Weekend history.”

For more on how youngsters are becoming future ed-tech leaders, read Michaela Brown’s reporting in EdSurge [5].

Watch this recap of Startup Weekend.

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