Classroom management and e-safety software specialist Impero Software is looking for new resellers to service its 400 school district customers and drive new business across the country.

Jonathan Valentine, founder and managing director, Impero comments: “We have been in the US for a while now helping schools crack down on students planning and discussing gang activities on school computers, and we’re really keen to extend our presence here. We are already building new channel partnerships and we’re looking for resellers that demonstrate commitment to and a passion for education IT and the real life benefits it can bring.”

Impero, a UK-based company founded in 2002, has been operating in the US since 2009 and already works with hundreds of American schools. It has developed a range of powerful classroom management software solutions designed to promote a better, safer and more dynamic learning environment, making IT a powerful tool for learning.

Education Pro is Impero’s core product and popular in the US market. Offering users a suite of tools from e-safety to print management, it is both a powerful aid for learning and an effective way to manage costs in relation to productivity.

Its e-safety features give students a voice with which to report internet violations or bullying concerns. Impero has also developed a keyword library that can be tailored to individual schools. This helps protect students by alerting staff to any inappropriate online behaviour as it happens.

Valentine comments: “E-safety is an ongoing problem as demonstrated by the number of stories we see related to bullying or students accessing inappropriate images and content online. Students’ online safety is a primary concern of ours and Education Pro enables schools to proactively deal with e-safety on a daily basis, giving teachers control of the issue.

“We want to reach as many schools as possible to help them keep pupils safe online and that’s why we’ve decided to extend our presence through a channel of resellers. It’s the most effective way to reach as many schools as possible.”

Impero currently services the US from its UK-based office, but has plans to open an office on the West Coast this year.



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About Impero Software

Impero Software offers a range of network management products, relied upon by education establishments and workplaces around the world. Founded in 2002, it is currently used on one million computers in over 40 countries. In the UK it is a market leading provider of Classroom and Network Management Software, with a 27 per cent market share of secondary schools and 24 per cent of colleges.

The company provides intelligent school ICT management helping teams, cut costs and improve staff productivity. Its cutting edge software and powerful learning tools assist schools in the day to day running of their computer network, putting teachers back in control of the classroom and enabling them to proactively deal with e-safety on a daily basis.

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