In a fit of rage, comedian Louis C.K. tweets to his 3.3 million followers why he is upset with Common Core State Standards


Comedian Louis C.K. Credit: Wikipedia

Louis C.K., a successful comic with a hit show on FX called Louie, created a viral explosion after venting his frustration on Twitter with practices surrounding the Common Core–a set of academic standards in English and math that outline student learning goals.

In a series of rants, the comedian complained not so much that his third graders’ homework was difficult, but that it was very confusing.

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Apparently, Louis is not alone. Other agitated parents published copies of their children’s homework online, denouncing Common Core assignments as incoherent.

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These words have been retweeted over 7,300 times since Monday: “My kids used to love math. Now it makes them cry. Thanks standardized testing and Common Core!”

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