[Editor’s note: Prices are current as of press time, but may change.]

1. Facebook Pages Manager, iPhone/iPad, Android, Free

This app helps school or district Facebook page administrators keep up with their audience and stay active on multiple pages at one time. Users can post updates and photos and respond to comments, view and reply to private messages, and can receive push notifications for new activities, tips, and reminders.

2. DocuSign Mobile, iPhone/iPad, Android, Free

Using this app, administrators can sign documents and get signatures quickly from their mobile devices. Downloading, using, and signing a document are always free. The app offers upgrades if desired. It supports multiple formats, such as PDF and Microsoft documents, and stores documents instantly and securely.

3. Dropbox, iPhone/iPad, Android, Free

Dropbox lets administrators bring all photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Access any file saved to Dropbox from all computers, iPhone, iPad, and the web.

4. PocketCloud, iPhone/iPad, Android, Free

Administrators can use PocketCloud to connect to their Mac or Windows desktop from the iPad or iPhone.

5. AudioNote Lite, iPhone/iPad, Android, Free

Administrators can record and sync notes and audio using this app, which automatically indexes meetings, lectures, interviews, or other important events. Audio recording is limited in the free version, but an upgrade is available.