• Dell Chromebook 11 outperforms the HP Chromebook 11 when executing student-related tasks in a test by Principled Technologies

• Districts choose the Dell Chromebook 11 to easily manage and deploy 1:1 computing initiatives
• New Caney Independent School District optimizes digital learning environments with the high durability and responsiveness of the Dell Chromebook 11

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ROUND ROCK, Texas, May 6, 2014 – Today Dell announced that its Dell Chromebook 11 empowers digital learning with unmatched performance, based on a report by Principled Technologies, commissioned by Dell and Intel. Powered by Intel 4th-Generation processors (aka Haswell), the Dell Chromebook 11 works all day so students and teachers can focus on learning without worrying about recharging its battery. Because it maximizes student and teacher productivity, New Caney Independent School District in Texas chose the Dell Chromebook 11 to help their students develop the digital skills they need for future success.

The report compared the Dell Chromebook 11 to the HP Chromebook 11 across a series of tasks regularly performed by students, including editing documents in Google Docs, reading PDF files and using a CAD viewer application. On a single charge, the battery life of the Dell Chromebook 11 lasted 86 percent longer than the HP Chromebook 11, yielding up to an additional 5 hours and 16 minutes of productivity . With the Intel-powered Dell Chromebook 11, students can spend less time waiting for tasks to load and more time learning and collaborating in and outside the classroom.

New Caney Independent School District

New Caney Independent School District chose the Dell Chromebook 11 to empower its 11,000 students from third through twelfth grades with their own device to help develop digital skills and allow them to easy access to learning. New Caney underwent an extensive evaluation process, engaging a group of students in providing feedback on nearly every model of Chromebook on the market and even instituting their own rugged testing by dropping devices to assess their sturdiness. New Caney ISD chose the Dell Chromebook 11 for its durability, long battery life and high-performing Intel processor.

“For us, battery life was key because with a classroom full of devices, students and teachers shouldn’t worry about power outlets or disrupting class to charge a device”, said Dustin Hardin, Technology Director for New Caney ISD. “The Dell Chromebook 11 has no problem lasting through an entire school day and its Intel “Haswell” processor gives it a performance boost that is noticeably better than other models.”

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