Myth 3: GAFE now protects student personal information.

Fact: True, while it should be emphasized that anything submitted online poses security risks, GAFE has certified that it is no longer reading the eMails of its users, and that advertisements are permanently disabled.

Critiques of InBloom’s data mining policy

Myth 4: There is not legislation in place to protect student privacy.

Fact: Untrue. In 2014, New York, Virginia, Kentucky and 5 other states have passed legislation reducing or preventing student data from being shared with businesses or third parties. Other states are expected to follow suite.

Myth 5: Google holds a monopoly on classroom education resources.

Fact: False. Capitalizing on the negative press surrounding Google, the rival search engine Bing is leading a campaign to attract new customers with their ad-free educational service called Bing in the Classroom. In early 2014, Bing organized a soft launch in 5 districts for a new classroom educational tool.

The only caveat: Location is limited to the United States.

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