1. Library science: Educators and librarians can boost student interest in reading, writing, and library studies by posting images that illustrate a book, a character, lyrics, metaphors, poems, or a biography.

As a bonus, you can ask students for suggestions of titles they want to read by using a #hashtag with pictures.

2. ELA: English/language arts will always be a critical component of basic education. Teachers using Instagram can ask students to post pictures of their favorite novels or authors, which can help facilitate a more in-depth discussion the next time that story is covered in class.

3. Math: Math can be very dense and dry in traditional lecture format. Complex ideas can be simplified with students photographing math scenarios such as vertices, slope, perpendicular lines, angles, or parallel lines. Ask students why they choose that particular image and see if they can explain the picture in more detail.

4. Science: Like math, science can be better animated with incorporating images and graphics. See if students can snap pictures of an ecosystem, planets, and habitats, and have them debate or discuss the issues in class.

5. Social studies: There are many instances in which students can use multimedia to showcase relevant events in history, geography and social studies. For instance, have students post pictures of different countries, cultures, and U.S. political documents like the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence.

Michael Sharnoff is Associate Online Editor of eSchool News. Follow him on Twitter @Michael_eSM.