In his latest column on ed-tech innovations, Editorial Director Dennis Pierce highlights a new platform that allows for instant login to any software with a single click—and five other innovations.


A new platform that allows for instant login to any software with a single click, and a “differentiated learning algorithm” that gives students personalized support inside or outside of school, are among the latest ed-tech innovations I’ll be highlighting this week.

Faster, simpler logins

Teachers of young students can spend up to a quarter of their class time just making sure all their students are logged into the software they’re trying to use, according to a survey of educators by The MDR Group.

The survey was commissioned by the San Francisco ed-tech company Clever, which has made its name over the last few years by offering a cloud-based data interoperability solution for schools. Now, Clever has announced a new service called Instant Login, which enables teachers and students to access all of their software with just a single click—eliminating the need for separate user names and passwords.

“Schools are using more software than ever before, but teachers will tell you that the amount of time spent dealing with user names and passwords has gotten out of control,” said Tyler Bosmeny, CEO of Clever, in a press release.

In the MDR survey, 80 percent of teachers said they would use software more often in their classes if it took less time to log in.

As with Clever’s interoperability solution, the success of the Instant Login initiative will depend on publishers of educational software getting behind the effort, allowing their software to work with Clever’s technology.

Clever offers its interoperability service to schools for free, and the company charges software providers for the right to take part. With Instant Login, Clever is offering the service to both schools and software providers free of charge.

Clever is beta testing the solution in several schools systems now, including California’s Oakland Unified School District. The company expects to offer it to schools nationwide this summer.

Instant Login “is dramatically changing how we use software,” said John Krull, information technology officer for the Oakland USD, in a press release. “As part of our district’s blended and personalized learning strategy, we plan to offer our schools a wide selection of apps that are ‘Cleverized’ and ready to go. This will save us time in adopting and implementing new software and improve the classroom experience for teachers and students.”

As of press time, companies that have expressed support for the Instant Login solution included Capstone Digital, ClassDojo,, Common Sense Media’s Digital Passport, DreamBox Learning, Lightspeed Systems’ MyBigCampus, Remind101, and Think Through Math.

Clever isn’t the only ed-tech company trying to simplify user logins. For instance, EduTone has created a cloud-based single sign-on platform for schools, called the EduTone Xchange.

The service enables schools to aggregate, manage, and deliver web-enabled applications and content to students and teachers by role—giving them “quick and seamless access from a single point-and-click widget on any device and operating system,” EduTone says.

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