Districts Find System’s Proprietary Standards Mastery, Recommendation Engine and Customization Features Best Option for Transforming Individualized Learning

Boston – May 12, 2014 — Today, itslearning (www.itslearning.net) announced that two of the nation’s top school districts – Minneapolis Public Schools and Houston (Tex.) Independent School District – have selected its next generation, cloud-based learning platform of the same name to rapidly optimize, support and expand personalized learning and instructional experiences for the combined student populations of more than 240,000 students.
“These new partnerships are a true testament to what our company and platform stands for: helping teacher’s inspire students to reach their highest potential,” said Chief Education Officer for itslearning, Bailey Mitchell. “With itslearning as a foundation for enriched learning experiences, the district’s are providing students with relevant, collaborative, multi-dimensional points of contact and a host of opportunities for interaction with course and subject materials. This generation of students is literally ‘wired’ to learn in different ways and these districts fully comprehend the idea of meeting students where and how they learn best – digitally.”

The decisions to migrate to the itslearning learning management system (LMS) came after the districts conducted comprehensive evaluations of multiple K-12 solutions. Following the formal assessments, both districts noted that itslearning was the learning platform of choice because it uniquely meets the needs of all its stakeholders including teachers, students, and parents. Offering a robust, user-friendly, fully customizable solution with a comprehensive set of features, district representatives felt confident they were acquiring more than just an LMS platform; rather, a partner that was equally committed to creating a solution that would truly help transform teaching and learning in their districts.
“During our evaluation process, we found that there are several viable learning management systems in the market that met many of our requirements,” said Rich Valegra, chief information officer, Minneapolis Public Schools. “However, itslearning differentiated itself from the others not only by providing excellent features required for today’s learning and instructional needs but also by demonstrating excellent anticipation of what our upcoming demands may be. itslearning is not just a vendor; they are a partner and value collaboration and teamwork which makes them perfectly poised to be our partner for the foreseeable future.”

Designed specifically for the K-12 sector, itslearning enables teachers to better shape, support and manage a personalized learning environment for today’s “digitally wired students.” The platform enables student voice and choice, facilitating collaboration and self-reflection through blogs, individualized learning plans, communities and ePortfolios, all on one platform with a single and secure sign-on. itslearning also fosters student content creation and peer analysis, extending the role of the student far beyond that of a traditional “consumer.”
The two districts join more than four million educators, students and parents worldwide who are currently using itslearning. The interactive online learning platform’s seamless integration with existing school and district systems creates a user-friendly interface that provides teachers with real-time reporting based on state and Common Core standards to guide their instruction while giving them a new way to share instructional resources, assignments, activities plus formative and peer-driven assessments – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Houston and Minneapolis students will also gain the ability to decide how they learn as the solution automatically adapts to support learning styles that offer the best opportunities for success. A proprietary “standards mastery and recommendation engine” facilitates remediation, acceleration and review by automating the recommendation of resources and activities based upon standards mastery assessments. The recommendations are also tailored specifically to the individual learning styles of each student – regardless of age, ability level, interests or special requirements.

Mitchell added, “itslearning differentiates itself from competitors not only by providing excellent features required for today’s learning and instructional needs but also by routinely exhibiting foresight in anticipating upcoming demands a district may be facing. itslearning is not just a vendor; we are a true partner and value collaboration and teamwork which makes us perfectly poised to be an effective partner for the foreseeable future.”

About itslearning, Inc.

Established in 1999, itslearning is a cloud-based K-12 learning management system designed to make teaching easier, learning more engaging, and parent involvement more effective and efficient. Headquartered in Bergen, Norway, itslearning has offices in Boston, Atlanta, London, Birmingham, Berlin, Paris, Mulhouse, Malmo, and Enscheda. For more information, visit http://www.itslearning.net.

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About the Author:

Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones is a technology specialist in Virginia. A former French teacher, she currently supports technology integration in a middle school.