“I am thrilled to be an educational leader at a time when learning can happen year-round and is much more relevant to each individual student and to his or her future,” Dr. Snyder recently shared at a parent forum.

She also sees a future where, even in Minnesota, snow days become irrelevant due to digital and personalized learning which will allow learning to continue even when students cannot get to school. This is already happening when students are ill or traveling with their family. We have numerous examples of how the students didn’t miss a beat progressing in their learning.

Lakeville Area Public Schools board and administration collectively believe that providing a world-class education is only achievable when we empower our students with powerful tools and 21st century learning opportunities. To this end, we will strategically continue to build the context, pathways and tools for world-class, personalized learning.

Lisa Snyder, PhD, is Superintendent of Schools for Lakeville Area Public Schools (ISD 194). Trish Harvey, PhD, is District Digital Learning Coordinator for Lakeville Area Public Schools (ISD 194).